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Welcome to the Home of Shekinah ,
Blue Ray Awakening and the Rose Ray Annointing

This is the Home of the Original Source of the Blue Ray Transmissions where you may receive updates on the Blue Ray through channeled messages from the Archangels of the Blue Ray and Shekinah, Mother Goddess of Creation, that give you Ancient Sacred Technologies of:

Divine Original Blue Print
Language of Light
Blue Ray Core Essence Reconnection
Blue Ray Sound Code Activation and Healing
Divine Alignment

These are the prophecies given to Shekina when her Star Family appeared to her in 1990.

Shekina's channelings of the Blue Ray Transmissions in 2008, 'Are YOU From the Blue Ray?', impacted the Spiritual community of Light with great success, awakening the ultra sensitive empaths to who they were.

Shekina's channelings of the Blue Ray Transmissions appear on radio and in media publications all over the world. She is a featured messenger on Spirit Library and her channels appear in Planetary LightWorker, Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine, Om-Times Magazine, Earth Star publications and Paradigm Shift Magazine in the United Kingdom.

This was the first time the Blue Ray information was given in such a clear manner via easily identified characteristics, awakening and inspiring countless Blue Rays to make art, healing modalities and information to put on their own sites.

                                Who is the Blue Ray?

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and Light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Work














Star Beings and the 'Divine Original Blueprint'

In 1990, Shekina had a prophetic encounter with her Star Family, including her Star Mother Polaris. Her Star Family conveyed to her that she was a starseed, and began the activation of her innate higher senses and abilities. They foretold of a future planetary shift and the 'Divine Original Blue Print' in which she would be a part of awakening mankind to its God DNA, increasing the frequency of Light
on planet Earth.

It was at this point that Shekina dedicated her life to the illumination of mankind and the healing of the planet.

Power of the Language of Light ~Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

Years later, a second major transition shift though a near death experience, Shekina was enveloped by the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit all encompassing Light. This created within her a vibrational attunement to receive and understand the sacred sounds of the Language of Light and Creation.

Revelations of the Blue Ray

In 2008, the 'Archangels of the Blue Ray', Shekinah and her Star Family conveyed to Shekina that it was time to awaken the star beings through the sacred lineage of the Blue Ray. This was a part of her original mission to assist in the planetary shift of 2012. This Blue Ray, overlighted by Mother Goddess of Creation Shekinah, would be activated on the planet as star beings and light bearers awakened to their holy lineage.

Blue Ray and Shekinah's Importance on the Planet for the New Earth for the Shift of the Ages of 2012

The Blue Ray, with Mother Goddess Shekinah, is a ray of creation that will bring balance and awakening for the 'shift of all ages'. This Ray will bring the unspoken message of the sacred divine feminine and form to the ultra sensitive empathic, laying an energetic imprint for humanity to awaken to an inner connection to oneness through the sacred Heart.

Through Blue Ray Sirian High Counsil Shekina has recieved  Divine healing for the Blue Rays to reconnect to their sacred lineage.

· Blue Ray Healing & Core Essence Reconnection click here.

What is So Unique About Shekina, Harmonic Vocalist?

Shekina is a Harmonic Vocalist, and what is so unique about her sound transmissions is she is a direct voice messenger for Mother Goddess of Creation and the Blue Ray. Shekina has never sung before, not even for karaoke. She was activated as a voice channel in the 'Language of Light' through a powerful angelic encounter, awakening her ultra sensitive clairaudience to hear the holy chords of creation. Shekina first heard this heavenly music of the Light of Creation through her near death encounter when she visited the highest Heaven.

Shekina's direct voice harmonics in the 'Language of Light' are supported by the Angelic Star Tribes through a vibrational choir of high frequency transmissions. In her spiritual sound performances in the 'Language of Light' -, Shekina assists to awaken within the individual their 'Divine Original Blue Print' or 'God DNA'.

Many participants report instant healings and awakenings and feel the blessing of Divine Mother Goddess Shekinah and the Angelic Realms.

Shekina Rose  lives in Sedona AZ USA, and works with the Vortex Energy portals, and has a sacred affinity with Cathedral Rock Vortex Goddess Temple where Mother Mary and the Rose ray apparitions appeared and where anchored.

Shekina can be booked for private sessions and Sound Performances at expos, conferences, spiritual services, workshops, openings, concerts, benefits, ceremonial events and festivals.

Experience the Divine Light and Sacred Sound Transmissions by:

· Free activation above on this site and on the Jewelry and Blue Ray links
· Private sessions, sacred healings, readings, initiations and activations Blue Ray Transmissions update channels
· Goddess Transformations Shekina Goddess Attunemnet

· Order of Mary Magdalene, Blue Rose Ray Initiation
· Sound Performances in the Language of Light and Concert of Souls
·  StarGate language of light Jewelry

· Click here for Blue Ray Core Essence Reconnection or Blue Ray Divine Alignment & Healing

Workshops and Events

· Blue Rose Ray Initiations - 'Sisters of the Sacred Rose'
· Gathering of the Celestial Tribes Annual Event - Cosmic Pulse and Heart Alignment with Gaia Activation of the Angelic Human near Earth Day.

Shekina is a very powerful yet gently divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient and clairvoyant. She works directly with 'SHEKINAH', the Sacred Divine Feminine in the Blue Ray and the Angelic Star Tribes.

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"Shekinah", a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah embodies the healing frequencies of the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. She is often referred to as the Highest Divine Feminine Archangel and Mother Goddess of Creation.

Language of Light

It is the true language of your Soul, 'the language of Creation', that all beings were once able to speak and understand. This holy language was used by divine beings in manifesting Creation. The God Codes are translated from an ancient sacred language in 'The Language of Light'. When you hear the Language of Light spoken and sung by Shekina, there is a resonance in your DNA which is activated, unlocking the keys to your God Consciousness - your Divine Original Blue Print, awakening higher levels of

Ancient Sacred Technologies

The systems, spiritual practices, and rituals of alchemy and esoteric knowledge of the ascended masters, evolved civilizations from ancient times and indigenous peoples that restore sacred communion with Earth, life, cosmos, oneness and Source Creation. These will awaken the embodiment of the Divine in man, 'ascension'. This is now being revealed as prophesied in the end times of the Mayan calendar and as we enter a new era where man can create a time of peace and unity.

Angelic Star Tribes

The star beings from other planetary systems and angelic realms that came to Earth and what we recognize as many of the indigenous peoples, cultures and advanced civilizations that have disappeared. Many of the Native Americans are from the Angelic Star Tribes - they have also been called the Bird Tribe.

Note: Shekina is not a singer nor has she ever had training or performed anywhere not even for karaoke. She was awakened as a voice channel in song and sound for Mother Goddess and the Angelic kingdoms that activate the Divine Original Blue Print. This is the prophesy told to her by her star family that would assist in awakening the new man of light in the end times.


Suffering is the illusion you are separate from God
Separate from Life
Separate from Nature 'the Earth'
Separate from Each Other 'Humanity'
This is true suffering that has caused all conflicts on earth
Are you ready to come home?
SHEKINA The Divine Mother Goddess 

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Love, Light, Peace & AhnaGodes,

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"Amazing Discovery"
In amazing discover a Physicist analyzed Shekina's voice and verified that her vocals contain
the 6 pure tonal notes of the whole lost ancient scale of the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair).

Heaven and the light has told Shekina that the Solfeggio frequencies are part of the language of light.

The language of light is spoken of in the controversial Dead Sea Scrolls, The Keys of Enoch "The lost Enochian knowledge that reveals the mother tongue as a "language of Light".

Upon hearing Shekina Rose voice transmissions, many individuals report having instant healings and awakenings.

Shekina is a rare case of one who is incarnated and holding and bringing in the energies of the Goddess on the Highest Dimensions. She channels a very rare and pure form of the Goddess Source.

She is an ambassador from the Light of the Holy Spirit, maybe she is a Seraphim...or simply a representative from the realm of the Divine Mother goddess in a human body labels aside, she is a rare Being.
Susanna Horton, Acupuncturist, CA.

*Click Here for 528 HZ Miracle Healing CD

Shekina Rose channeling  the “World Mother Rose Ray New Earth Blessings” in the Ancient Solfeggio Miracle 528 Hz Language of Light Transmissions at Sedona Spirit Sings.On the big screen behind Shekina is the Profound new " I am presence Activator of the Rose Ray" in the Violet flame instructed by Mother Mary. Click here for Rose Ray Activator

*Shekina also shared of the miraculous visitation of Mother Mary and the Rose Ray apparitions that occurred at Cathedral Rock Goddess Temple Sedona AZ that anchored the Rose Ray of Creation back on the planet.  photlo by Shen


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ShekinaRose, Angelic Priestess of Light, has been anointed by Mother Mary in the Rose Ray, and is a Angelic Song Messenger of Mother Goddess SHEKINAH, in the 'Language of Light', 528 Hz Miracles, Love & Transformation, the Ancient Solfagio Angelic Frequencies, that will assist you in activating you  'Divine Original Blue Print',
Shekina Rose, Singing in the Language of light at Transformational shift conference


Shekina Rose performing at the Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ. at the Dr. Robert M. Schoch, Forgotten Civilization Event

Shamballa Blue Wing keepers of light 

Melchizedek Christ flower of life

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