Blue Ray &

As you grow, evolve and become the 'New Man of Light', as your cells purge the darkness of your mutations your DNA takes flight and soars.

This journey will change who you are in the world. Your sacred path towards the embodiment of Light will cause you to feel alone at times and I am here to lovingly assist you.

The New Man of Light is the Christened being. The New Man of Light will arise as the fall of mankind takes place. Your source of sustenance will be from the light and not from the depletion of your natural resources.

It is you who are reading this that will need to step up to the plate and be the stewards of the Light. For deep within you, there is a knowing, an en-code-mend of light and service, to go beyond what man has taught you and create with source creation once again.

Many prophets, sacred texts and ancient cultures have pointed to this pivotal period and called it the 'Times of Revelation' or 'The End Times'

We call it the 'Ascension Times'

You are in the Great Purification where the Mayan calendar will end and a new matrix will begin in 2013.

I call it the 'Awakening of the goddess, the divine feminine within'

Your grand opportunity to make a quantum leap of consciousness is now. The galactic gateways are open and will continue to bring forth celestial energies for your star essence to be. These are the times where your illusions will be perforated by the light of grace in order for you to:

'Become what you were created to be'

Your Divine Mother Goddess