Blue Ray &

Shekina Rose Lives In Sedona AZ. USA and
is an Angelic Blue Ray StarSeed,
~ Channel for the Blue Ray
Galactic Delegate Harmonics Unity 

 Angelic Harmonic Vocalist Singer in the "Language of Light"Anceint Solfeggio Scale
528 Hz Miracles and Transformation.

Her mission is to activate and restore the
'Divine Original Blue Print of humanity, through the sound and song transmissions in the "Language of Light with the LightWorkers.   

Shekina has been anointed by Mother Mary in the Rose Ray, when the Divine Mother appeared to her on Christmas Eve 2011. Mother Mary appearances and apparitions were to bring back the Rose Ray of the Sacred Heart through the Holy Spirit of Shekinah.

This is bringing the Mother of the World's heart to transforms the sadness of human suffering that awakens the essence of God in human form the Angelic Human DNA and Christ embodiment.

Science has tested and verfied Shekina's vocals to be the Miracle 528 HZ , Transformation and DNA Repair frequencies of the whole ancient lost scale of the Solfagio scale and Scientist, Mark Rodin mathematical equation of Creation.

Shekina has never sung, she was awakened and attuned to the "Language of Light", the "language of Creation, by her near death experience and by her star family of Light.

Reunited with her Star Family

Shekina Rose was visited by her star family in her early 20's. They communicated with her about the future, where the fall of mankind would take place. They told her that she would be a part of the awakening of the new man of light. Since the visit by her star family she has dedicated her life to the light and illumination of mankind and planet earth.

I always knew I was from the stars. I remembered it as a memory. Being raised Catholic I did not have any knowledge of such things. Then in my early 20's my star family appeared. They were amazing and beautiful beings of ethereal colors, speaking to me about the future times and who I was to become.

Awakening to Shekina

Shekina has a profound connection with Shekinah the the Divine Mother Goddess. She witnessed the extraordinary event when Earth and mankind became star seeded with complete love from the many star beings of this Universe. This event immensely impacted her path. She awakened, by knowing how to open to the higher realms and bring the long forgotten Language of Light to this planet.

Becoming the Goddess/Priestess

When Shekina moved to Arizona from Chicago she was introduced to the ancient Goddess teachings. The teachers showed her the genuine ways of the Goddess as she became a Priestess initiate.

She became an educator in the rites of the Goddess and facilitated many Priestess rituals. This mission took her to perform sacred women's ceremonies in Arizona, Florida and New Mexico.

It was a time of big change. I was instructed to follow Spirit and to unplug from the 3D world. No more TV, newspaper or magazines. I was guided to eat only organic foods that were of a higher vibration. It was a great purification, so I could become and understand the light.

She was also fortunate to meet a Native American Medicine Man and apprentice in the deserts of Arizona to deepen her understanding and abilities to connect with the sacred Earth Mother, Gaia.

International Facilitator

In 2004,  Shekina was called to spend some time visiting the sacred sites in Europe while teaching and treating clients at various clinics and colleges, including the Paracelsus College of Naturopathic Medicine in Munich, Germany.

I feel these are the times we will meet each other, the families of light and the families of the stars.

Shekina is a rare case of one who is incarnated and holding and bringing in the energies of the Goddess on the Highest Dimensions. She channels a very rare and pure form of the Goddess Source. She is an ambassador from the Light of the Holy Spirit, maybe she is a Seraphim...or simply a representative from the realm of the Divine Mother goddess in a human body labels aside, she is a rare Being
Susanna Horton, Acupuncturist, Energy Healer and Alchemist

Shekina Rose Channeling in the language of Light, 
for the Rose Ray of Creation Anchoring weekend Sedona AZ pictures by Mary Angelico



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Soul portrait by Mary Angelico
Photos by Keith Allen Kay