Blue Ray &

The Concerts of Souls in the Language of Light
Activates Your Divine Original
Blueprint in the

528 Miracle Sound Healing Transmissions Concert
For the New Earth

In the Language of Light Transmisions Healing Codes

Experience a Sacred Ceremonial Sound Concert like no other that activation the New DNA Codes and Light Sequences that align your crystalline body to the new earth 333



Awakens the New Earth Codes of the New Man of Light

You will hear Shekina Rose, an Angelic Priestess of Light, Divine Song Messenger of Mother Goddess SHEKINAH, who has been anointed by Mother Mary in the Rose Ray. She is not a singer per se; she sings and tones only in the Language of Light transmissions the Holy Frequencies of Creation, where she was attuned when she went to heaven and back in her near death experience

These Angelic Harmonic vocals and songs of the Archangels in the 528 Hz Miracle Ancient Secret Solfeggio Frequencies in the Language of Light.
That trigger the "Angelic Star Human" and "New Earth" and will be Overlighting by the Angelic Star Tribes
and Mother Goddess.

Many participants report having Instant Healings, Awakenings that Transmute Core Issues, creating Miracles, Empowering your Ascension and Souls destiny!

Click here to hear the "Language of Light" sacred sound Transmission by Shekina, that will active your Divine Original Blue Print, your God DNA. Please listen with your heart.

When God, the Source of Creation, and all the Soul Star Beings came together to start a new world of the highest order, it was destined that earth would be the place to house the greatest star essence of all time.

It is I, Shekina that will rebirth this vibration of the rays of eternal light. Each one of you is the miracle worker that will restore humanity to its holy origins.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

What is the Concert of Souls?

The Concert of Souls is a sacred sound activation and healing channeled from the Angelic Kingdoms and the higher Goddess Realms.

At these performances of divinity Shekina Rose  merges with Shekina and calls forth the archangels and goddesses. It is then that you hear the long forgotten beautiful sounds, words and melodies from the ancient sacred Languages of Light.

Upon hearing the Language of Light you will experience the higher vibrational frequencies of Source Creation and receive the blessings from Shekina.


Every concert is unique and channeled live at the time it is given.


For every discordant energetic imprint of sound that is created through disease, fear, technology and toxins, there is a harmonic frequency that restores your balance to God's creation. In ancient times you knew how to synchronize your energy patterns with the rhythms of earth and heaven in complete natural accordance with God's Source Creation.

In my Concert of Souls you will awaken to your innate divine power. I Shekina, your Divine Mother Goddess, is calling you to come together to be the humanity you were truly intended to be.

Your Divine Mother Goddess









What others are saying about the
Concert of Souls

It was amazing! It felt like coming home, like being reunited with my family of origin. I experienced tremendous peace and love. I was able to ease into the deepest place in my heart and my soul. Stefanie Miller

I could hear many angelic voices coming from her. The sounds surrounded me. How does she do that? Sharon Bernard

What an amazing experience. The 'Concert of Souls' is truly transformational. I feel that it made a huge impact on my life and where I am walking now. Linda Goldberg

When Shekina Rose brings in the Divine, the whole room shifts to an electric charged spiritual vortex of the heavens. Lisa Swanson

She opens the portals to the higher realms. Tim Hudson

Best presentation at the Expo of Hearts 2006. Shekina Rose  was born to do this work. Teresa Mendoza

The Concert of Souls affected my life threefold. It was an awakening, a transformation and new beginning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Christian Lopez

Her voice was so beautiful; I could feel the angelic realms all around me at the concert and all through the night. Anne Rothman

Wow! I loved being part of this beautiful ceremony. I could feel the angelic energies. Terry McMullen

The sounds she made vibrated through out my whole body and activated an ancient part of me. Stuart Mazzarella

I could feel this pain or a blockage of energy at my head. After a few minutes it was like the pain was taken away with the sound. I could feel a clearing taking place and now I feel a lot more clarity. Jude West

Very powerful! Shekina rocks the house. Kit Ferrel

How the Concert of Souls Originated


Shekina was guided to leave her life in Florida and begin her sacred pilgrimage with Shekina, the Divine Mother Goddess. She traveled around the world, visiting sacred sites, teaching groups and having extraordinary experiences.


In New Mexico, she was shown a Shaman's cave and during a sacred ceremony Shekina was transported to the higher Goddess Realms.

She was shown the time when many light beings from all over the universe come together and their souls beginning to harmonize with each other with the same frequency and sound.

In complete harmony and pure sacred divine love they chanted Gaia's name and Earth was created. With love they gave a part of them selves in order to star seed our planet and create the New Man of Light.

It is this experience that strengthened Shekina's resolve to dedicate herself to Shekinah and her mission to activate the worlds Light Workers through the Concerts of Souls.


Brothers and sisters open your hearts! It is time that we know each other through the Concert of Souls. I sing for the land and all my children. I sing so you will remember. I sing so that you will know me and in me you shall know yourself, that we are one in the same. I sing from love, the love that is you and the love that is me. Will you sing with me?

Your Divine Mother Goddess

*Incredible Shekina Rose higher Self singing in the Rose ray captured on film at Anchoring of the Rose Ray to the Planet
Amazing Shekina Rose Angelic higher self captured on film. Look to your right at Harpist Barbie Edwards for perspective. Note Shekina Rose was not moving at time picture was taken.
Shekina Rose, leading world harmonic blessings in the 528 HZ Miracle frequencies at Sedona Spirit Sings in Sedona AZ {Photos bySky}

"Photo by Sky"

"Photo by Sky"