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Amazing Photo, Rose Ray anchoring back on the planet Event 2012: Shekina Rose Angelic higher self, time dememensional shift captured on film. Look to your right at Harpist Barbie Edwards for perspective. Note Shekina Rose was not moving at time picture was taken.





Sedona EVENTs: ACTIVATING THE MATRIX FOR GLOBAL ASCENSION EVENT April 15th 6:00 to 9:00pm Vista Hall at The Collective Sedona 7000 AZ-179, Sedona, AZ

~Shekina Rose, will sing in the ancient 528 Hz Miracle Light Language to awaken your higher self, activate DNA strands and connect you with your ancient star origins of activational codes to opening the portals for ascension through Galactic and Angelic light tribes Alliance.

With Suzanne Ross will offer ascension guidance as a Law of One Messenger. She will also transmit a Light Technology activation as an Arcturian Grid Worker.

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Our Cosmic Origins Supernatural Sedona

Sedona World Sound Healing Day  
Feb. 13, 2017, 7PM Creative Life Center Sedona, AZ $20

Blue Ray Anchoring of the New grids and DNA Radiance upgrade transmissions
Divine Original Blue print for the New Alliance of Light with our Star Galatic Famlily, fellowship with the Ascended masters

                                    On line Conference Call event
Jan 26th Thursday 4:00pm mountain 33 anchors through the Blue Ray $20.00 

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"Nov,11:11 2017 Sedona, Arizona -"Activating the Starseed Global Mission". A Transformational Shift sponsored Special Event. Lead by Peace emmisary Shekina Rose of the Blue Ray.

The Peace Emissaries, who are the Blue Ray empath and starseeds? what is their mission and the arrival of the Pleaidian Peace ship on the 11 11 at Cathedral Rock Vortex, Sedona AZ, what is their message with the sharing of the stargate disc, pendant devices technologies that was created. An 11 11 ceremony of New DNA frequencies codes through the ancient angelic light language frequencies to connect with your star family, lineage, Pineal activation and more

Shekina Rose, Angelic Starseed Blue Ray, Peace Emissary and Channel of the Blue Ray, Harmonic Vocalist for the Language of Light in the 528 Hz Miracles and Love
With Tolec of the Andromeda Counsil Adona of StarAncestry and Suzanne Ross of Pleidian Productions and Supernatural Sedona

Awareness Life Expo October 13th-14th & 15th 2017

Lifting Consciousness, Expanding Awareness
To The Heart Frequency Conference"

1802 East Fir St., Cottonwood Arizona 86326
Outside of Sedona

Shekina Rose will be presenting a language of light sound healing workshop