Become a Priestess initiate and work with the forces of Creation bringing heaven to earth. This profound training will change your life.

I have experienced powerful connections during my anointing that changed my life Shekina has helped me trust my true self and realize what my gifts are. The Priestess Goddess course has enabled me to come into my true power!
Laurie Kaliff, Priestess and (Elementary School Teacher)

Be In Your Divine Power Now!

· Develop your Psychic Awareness ·
· Reunite with your Sacred Sisters ·
· Deepen your Connection to Spirit ·
· Greatly increase your Confidence and Self Esteem ·
· Learn the Priestess Protection Move & Heart Mudra ·
· Understand your Unique Gifts, Talents and Abilities ·
· Enhance Intuition, Healing and Manifestation Skills ·

This is a call to all women. It is time to carry the light through the Divine Feminine, a seed that was planted long ago is now is ready to be birthed. For you are the portals that bring God to life through your womb. It is time to remember your reason for being, and awaken the Divine Feminine Essence of Creation that is within you.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

These trainings are unique as it gives you the teachings of living in the higher realms and the foundational assistance to live your daily life empowered.

You will receive Holy initiations and messages from the Divine Mother Goddess SHEKINA, personal support from Shekina and the sisters of the Sacred Rose to help you awaken to your multidimensional self for your true full expression.

All teachings and initiations used in this sacred course come from the ancient Atlantean and Lemuraian priestesses and the higher star realms from the Mother Mary times.

Your priestess training will be taught in nature settings and through online/telephone correspondence.

You will be trained and guided in:

· The Body's Wisdom - Awakening your Living Sacred temple ·

· The Holy Movements and Mudras of the High Priestess ·

·  Energetic Boundaries ·

·  Energy Awareness - Seeing, Sensing, Working with and Transmuting Energy

·  The Angels of Life - Consciously Working with the Angels Creates the Magic that Every Shaman, Medicine Person and High Priestess knows ·

·  The Magnificence of your Sacred Heart - Release Traumas and Lessen Pain Applying this Method ·

·  The Two Hearts of the Goddess ·

·  Merging with your Higher Self and Inner Goddess ·

·  The Power of Prayer ·

·  The Power of Your Word ·

· The Beauty of Rituals ·

·  How to use the Pendulum ·

· How to get clear answers from Spirit ·

· How to transforms negativity into Light ·

·  The Goddess Essentials ·

· Becoming the Light ·

· The 8 Goddess Holidays ·

· Moon Lodge and Menopause ·

·  The Priestess Herbs ·

Vibrant Health Through the Care of the Goddess

You will delve deeply into your sacred self healing fragments and aligning to your true power.

You will work with the Angelic Kingdoms, the Light, Fairies, Nature, Animal Medicine as well as the Divine Feminine Essence.
You will receive Initiations to awaken and empower your holy self.

You will make your Priestess crown, magical wand, invocation, vow or ritual to symbolize your lineage. It is important to know that these trainings are life altering. You will see yourself and the world differently. Your skills, gifts and talents will increase and new ones will surface. With each level you will build upon and delve deeper into my teachings.

Your Divine Mother Goddess

Priestess Training of the Light

Priestess Initiate One (Foundation of the Goddess)

· Mother Mary's Sacred Heart Initiation ·
· Energy Awareness and Psychic Protection ·
· The Magic of Rituals and Ceremony ·
· Priestess Protection Move ·
· Goddess Energy Medicine ·
· Power of Prayer and Intention ·
· Sacred Sister Ship Reunion and Anointing ·
· Gaia/Earth Mother Reconnection ·
· Awakening of your Inner Priestess ·
· Making of the Priestess Wreath ·
· Crowning Ceremony of your Priestess Goddess Lineage ·

This foundation level is perfect for all women. All women could benefit from this 1st foundational level.

Priestess Initiate Two (Awakening of the Goddess)

· Hathor Initiation, finding your voice ·
· Developing Light Vision ·
· Priestess Body Reconnection ·
· Higher Realm Healing ·
· Working with the Goddess Rays ·
· Meeting of Isis ·
· Priestess as a Healer ·
· Herbs, Oils, and Crystals ·
· Discovering Animal Medicine and your Totems ·
· Making a Goddess Wand ·
· Ceremony, Ritual and Transformation ·

Priestess Training Three (Becoming the Goddess)

· Angels of Life Initiation ·
· Magic and Miracles ·
· Alchemy and Invocations ·
· Bio-Resonance ·
· Teaching and Healing ·
· Kinesiology ·
· Energy Medicine ·
· Sacred Creed of the Priestess ·

Priestess Training Four (Being the High Priestess)

· Shekina Initiation ·
· Vow of the Priestess ·
· Serving the Community and the World ·
· Angelic Alchemy ·
· Miracles and Manifestations ·
· Kinesiology ·
· Working with and in the Higher Realms ·


I had such an amazing experience in our Mother Mary gathering and I continue to feel the energy of the initiation. It will be near impossible to express all the sensations of the ritual and where it took me and what it brought me. I am changed and moved beyond where I thought possible. Thank you for your divine gifts and assistance. You are helping me to remember my priestess Goddess self, truly.

I have felt empowered in coming together with my sisters and sharing and creating bonds. I have experienced powerful connections during my anointing that changed my life. Working with Shekina has helped me trust my true self and realize what my gifts are. The Priestess Goddess course has enabled me to come into my true powers.
Charity Ramsey
(Physician assistant for internal medicine, wife and mother)

Cost and Information

Priestess Initiate Training Level 1, 2, 3 and 4

Duration: One day a month over a period of 6 months.
Additional obligations: A monthly follow up via email of phone and a one-hour session with Priestess Shekina within the 6-month period.

Cost: $113.00 per class or $595.00 when paid in full, $111 for the one hour private session with Shekina. Supplies and books are not included.

Certification: You will receive certification for each level you complete. To receive certification all course requirements must be fulfilled. This is done by your attendance of all classes, completion of all homework assignments and a personal assessment at the end of your 6-month training. This is easily accomplished if you are committed to showing up and being present. Homework assignments are taken from the teachings we do in class. It could be a meditation, ritual or working with an element.
Make up classes: There are situations that are unavoidable. A course can be made up by scheduling a time to go over the material with Shekina. Lack of attendance and attention will be cause for dismissal. The Priestess trainings are very sacred and create a holy dynamic within the group. It is important that we honor each others journey of self discover and commitment.













Shekina is an amazing teacher. She really teaches you how to discover your divine feminine essence and how to develop your spiritual gifts and honor life and nature.
Stephanie Miller (School Teacher)

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