Mother Mary Visitations

The Mother Mary Visitations occurred on Christmas Eve 2011 to anchor the Rose Ray of the Sacred Heart through the Holy Spirit of Shekinah This is bringing the Mother of the World's heart to transforms the sadness of human suffering that awakens the essence of God in human form the Angelic Human DNA and Christ embodiment.

Since the Mother Mary visitations others who have experienced her divine Love of the Rose Ray have had miraculous physical, spiritual and emotional healings.

To spread her divine love the Rose Ray Miracle Water was placed at the Mother Mary altar to purify the earth and heart of humanity at Cathedral Rock vortex in Sedona, AZ.

On one of the visits to the Mother Mary altar, she asked for pictures to be taken as they would be transmissions and testaments of the Rose Ray heart. Below here are just some of the many amazing photos that were taken.
Mother Mary Testimonial

"I would like to share with you my healing experience after having you do the Mother Mary rose ray healing for me in January 2012. For months, I was having severe chest pains. And at extreme times, the tingling went down my left arm. In addition, the tightness was affecting my neck and upper back. II thought perhaps it was stress, and tried for multiple professional massages. This did not give me any relief.

Concerned, I went to my doctor and it was recommended that I see a cardiologist. Before I was able to do that, I ended up in the emergency room. They were concerned that my heart rate was so extremely low and my blood pressure was extremely high. I was again urged to see a cardiologist. Then I came to you. What a peaceful experience! - It moved me to tears. You truly bring in Mother Mary. I felt the energy come down through the top of my head and the back of my head was throbbing with this energy.

Driving home, I already felt better; perhaps it was the incredible peace. I also had a tooth ache, as part of my tooth had broken off. In short, I have no pain anymore, any place! I have not taken the medications that the emergency room gave me. I waited to write this to see if any pain would return - it has not. Mother Mary is real - and her love powerful! Thank you Shekina and Mother Mary!!" Joan Bickis, AZ February, 2012
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